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Vacation Home Or Rental – Choose The Right Loan

Did You Want A Vacation Home Or An Investment? If you are in the fortunate position of considering the purchase of property while retaining your home you are doing well. Do you want a vacation home you can enjoy exclusively? Or do you want an investment you can drop in on occasionally? The goal of your expanded […]

Your Second Home and The 1031 Exchange

Pronounced Ten Thirty One Let’s say that you have had a second home, a vacation home for a while now, it is a proven good investment, one that has appreciated considerably and you’d like to dispose of it by sale. Technically there could be some problems with the increase in value that has accrued, if […]

Is Investing In A Second Home A Good Idea?

Pinning Down Your Equity For most people, buying a second home is often a great place to retire or take vacations, but there can be other significant benefits such as growing your equity over time That is a sweet deal simply because property is one such asset that will never get up and walk away. […]

Is Buying Investment Property A Sound Investment?

Buying investment property can be looked at from many perspectives. With the fashion of “flipping” houses, it’s difficult to know if the market is saturated with homes for sale. However, a deeper investigation will tell you whether it’s worth buying investment property. There are several business models that work for investment property. One is to […]