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Recurring Closing Costs: Costs of Buying and Maintaining Your Home

When you purchase a home for the first time, there are some expenses to keep in mind that you may not be aware of that you are responsible for when you close on your home.  Closing costs typically total 3% to 6% of the purchase price of a home. The recurring closing costs outlined below […]

What Are Closing Costs?

When you’re ready to purchase home, it’s necessary to have some cash assets ready to cover the expenses that cannot be added to your mortgage. A portion of these expenses that you’ll need to pay in cash are the closing costs. While many first time home buyers may expect from watching real estate shows that […]

5 Tips For Homebuyers Seeking The Perfect Mortgage Solution

Becoming a homebuyer is of the most trying consumer activities that you will ever experience. One of the things that make purchasing a home rewarding is finding the right loan to make it happen. A little extra effort up front will help you get the best possible mortgage terms for your situation. Small adjustments to […]

Had Enough Of Renting? Maybe It’s Time To Buy Your First Home

So, you think you’re ready to end your time as a renter and buy your first home. In the long-term, it’s an excellent choice, but when you begin investigating the short-term costs and labor involved it becomes much more complicated. Buy your first home, and you’ll find that there is work to do to get […]

Back To Basics – What Goes Into A Mortgage Anyway?

Owning your home quite and accomplishment and one to which many people aspire. Most consumers have to do this by taking out a mortgage against the home they purchase. So let’s go back to basics to review what it is that makes a mortgage anyway. A Mortgage Contract Is A Matter Of Public Record A […]

Digging Up The Hidden Costs Before They Trip You Up

Buying a home usually comes with hidden costs, bills that pop up at some point in the process. While these may be unexpected if you are unprepared, a little research before you buy can save you hassle later on. Even once you have closed, picked up your keys and settled in, some expenses can appear […]

Don’t Take The First Mortgage Package On Offer, Get What Works For You

Home lending is a gigantic industry in the United States; in 2014 lenders originated $1.24 trillion in new home lending and there are more than 7,100 lenders. There are plenty of different mortgage plans available for you to choose. So, as a consumer considering taking on a new mortgage, you can afford to be picky. […]

As Prices Go Up How Soon Can I Refinance My Mortgage?

Don’t Just Churn Your Finances Once you have closed on your mortgage, collected the keys and settled into your new home, you might start thinking about how you can get a better deal. Maybe your payments are high, compared to the market rate, or you want to change the term over which you repay the […]

How Much Will It Cost To Refinance Your Mortgage?

The question of the cost of refinancing your mortgage is simple enough on the surface, but the details and the fees add up and appear before you begin and then over the lifetime of the new loan. You need to look carefully at the costs of a refi before you commit to even formally applying […]