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Had Enough Of Renting? Maybe It’s Time To Buy Your First Home

So, you think you’re ready to end your time as a renter and buy your first home. In the long-term, it’s an excellent choice, but when you begin investigating the short-term costs and labor involved it becomes much more complicated. Buy your first home, and you’ll find that there is work to do to get […]

Even More Homebuyer Mortgage Tips To Make It Happen

More Home Loan Hacks For First Time Homebuyers Homebuyers should shop around for mortgage bargains; not all terms and conditions are the same, but chances are, there’s a mortgage out there that’s right for you. Not all interest rates, closing costs, and terms are the same. Banks and the other financial institutions that underwrite home […]

When Is A Reverse Mortgage The Right Choice For You?

When is a reverse mortgage right for you? The short answer is that reverse mortgages are for seniors. However, you deserve a better answer, and that will take a little explaining. First, there are two categories: FHA Home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) and private company loans. Since a reverse mortgage pays you instead of the […]

What Do Mortgage Originators Do After Your FHA Home Loan Closes?

Mortgage Originators Initiate The Process Your mortgage lender is part of an extensive and wealthy system of residential real estate finance. The person at the very knife-edge of the lending process is the loan originator, the loan officer or independent arranger who helps loan applicants fill out forms, gather documents and submit the loan application; […]

Match Your Home Finance Approach To Your Stage Of Life

As A Borrower, Either Millennial, Gen-Xer or Baby-Boomer Be There are three distinct stages in a homeowner’s life. Let’s call them Millennial, Gen-X, and Baby-boomer, and while these terms imply distinct generations you can think of them as a series of financial stages that lead one to another, ascending the ladder of wealth. Arguably, homeownership […]

Refinance To Pay Off Your Home Loans Faster, But Watch Out For These Traps

Of Shorter Terms And Greater Equity Your signed up for your first home loan, it was probably over thirty years because that was the cheapest way to finance or it gave you the most home for your monthly payment. When you were shopping for funding, did you happen to notice that fifteen-year loans did cost […]

FHA Mortgage Versus Conventional: Which is Best?

If conventional loans are like square pegs for square holes, FHA loans have government backing that square’s the circle and helps put the round peg in that same square hole. There is a cost to this, so logically you don’t want to pay any more than you have to. FHA and similar government backed home […]

Higher Conforming and FHA Loan Limits May Increase

Some good news for homeowners as the Senate voted yesterday to approve a measure that would restore the high balance conforming loan limit to $729,750 in high cost areas. The amendment was added to a spending bill by Senator Robert Menendez and was approved 60-31 in the Senate. If the larger spending bill is approved, […]