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Vacation Home Or Rental – Choose The Right Loan

Did You Want A Vacation Home Or An Investment? If you are in the fortunate position of considering the purchase of property while retaining your home you are doing well. Do you want a vacation home you can enjoy exclusively? Or do you want an investment you can drop in on occasionally? The goal of your expanded […]

Second Homes And Two Perspectives On What They Can Do For You

Do You Mean A Vacation Home Or An Investment? If you are purchasing a second home there is plenty of ambiguity in the terms used to describe different types of real estate for ambiguity and misunderstanding. That is why there are two perspectives that need to be explored to get a valid definition. Read on […]

Hiring Contractors And Home Improvement

The Buyer Must Always Beware When you decide to commit to a home improvement project for your property, you are hoping to make the house you bought into the home that you’re going to love. You may not have the time or the experience to confidently do it yourself so you have to hire a local builder […]

You Bought A Home Now What?

Time To Get On With The Chores Of Living Once you have completed closing and moved into your new abode you are going to feel great. After all of the stress and uncertainties of buying and moving there is bound to be some mixed feelings that drifts, a sort of anticlimax after all of the excitement. […]

City Living Has Some Things Going For It Lately

Learning How To Live The Urban Life From Williamsburg in NYC to Queen Ann Hill In Seattle, from Santa Monica California to Collins Avenue in Miami there is a definite trend toward urban living that has emerged over the last decade or two. Although there are always issues of crowdedness and expense in city living […]

Saying Goodbye To A Beloved Home

Change Happens There are times when the decision to move is forced upon you and, given the choice, you would stay put. These can be especially painful when you have been particularly comfortable and settled in that beloved residence. But life is a constant process of change and, at the point of moving all you […]

The 7 Rules Of Interior Design

Have you ever wondered what makes a room more appealing and beautiful? Is it original artwork or an abundance of light? Or is it expensive furniture and curtains? The answer is none of the above, but there is one single magical formula that can define the beauty of a room. Even a professional interior designer […]

Should You Lease or Buy Your Car?

The choice to lease or buy your car may seem like an obvious one. Unfortunately the answer that is obvious to you might be the opposite of someone else’s choice. There is a serious possibility that if you sit down and work it out, You might get an interesting surprise. Leasing or owning your automobile […]

Safety in the Bathroom: the Most Dangerous Room in the Home

Home accident statistics suggest that not enough is being dome to ensure safety in the bathroom. Your bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America! It is not the kitchen as most Americans believe, but the room that most people feel to be […]