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What to Expect When You Apply for a Mortgage

You’re ready to make that big step into home ownership, which can be exciting, but if you’ve never gone through the process? It’s easy to get overwhelmed but when you have a better understanding of what to expect from the process of obtaining a mortgage, you will feel much more confident about every decision you […]

Don’t Depend On Your Last Pay Statement To Get That Mortgage

The Sixty-Day Seasoning Rule When you are waiting for approval on your home loan, you need to prepare for this one important detail. Your lender is unlikely to regard your most recent pay deposit as part of your contribution at closing. That means your paycheck is not eligible to form part of your deposit. Conventional […]

Back To Basics – What Goes Into A Mortgage Anyway?

Owning your home quite and accomplishment and one to which many people aspire. Most consumers have to do this by taking out a mortgage against the home they purchase. So let’s go back to basics to review what it is that makes a mortgage anyway. A Mortgage Contract Is A Matter Of Public Record A […]

Is Co-Signing A Mortgage A Good Idea? The Pros And Cons

There are at least as many ways to finance a home purchase as there are circumstances in which to buy your home. Help from a friend or family member is one way to get that first home when it would otherwise be just out of reach. Co-signing the loan for a beloved family member is […]

Look Out For Misleading Mortgage Offers

If The Finance Deal Sounds Too Good, It Probably Is Buying a home is a big undertaking and one that has implications for the decisions that you make today that could impact your wealth and lifestyle for years to come. You need to be extremely careful to get the financing right so that you can […]

Financing Manufactured Housing And Mobile Homes

You Can Finance Your Manufactured Home Since the dawn of the automotive age, mobile homes have been convenient options for consumers to purchase as habitats, with or without title to land on which to place these abodes. In its modern form, the humble mobile home is now called a manufactured home, and it is a […]

Finding Your Core Credit Information

Each Credit Agency Has A Little List Credit is recorded by agencies that act as clearinghouses of information about consumer credit, specifically, how consumers use credit over time. There are three agencies that have come to dominate and they are the ones that lenders will turn to when they want to assess the creditworthiness of an […]

My Lender Seems To Know What I Need – Do I Just Go Along?

Your Professionals Are Your Team Your lender is going to do their best to match the market to your needs, as he or she perceives them. That is their job and they are rewarded handsomely when it all comes together at closing. Having stated that fact it pays to remember that any real estate transaction […]

Young People And Real Estate – Where Do You Start?

The thought of buying your first home can be intimidating and something that you might want to put off until later in your life. You may have school and the resultant student loans, your job is not as secure as you would like and none of your friends are focused on buying a home either. […]