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Real Estate Disclosures – When Notification Delivers Protection

Because Sellers Should Tell Buyers Certain Things Sellers have a growing list of disclosures they are required to make to buyers before selling their properties now. However, caveat emptor is still the word of the day when it comes to real estate. Sellers may attempt to cover up defects in a property or misdirect buyers […]

What To Look For In A Great Realtor

The Obvious Answers In Character You have decided to buy a home, possibly selling the one you already have, you have your finances in order, now what do you do? One of the biggest decisions in the process of moving is going to be choosing the real estate agent that you work with. This is […]

Closed MLS Networks In The Age Of Open Websites

Private Networks And Freedom Of Information These days you can search for many different kinds of information with an efficiency and power that would have been hard to imagine a few decades ago. In real estate there are dedicated systems to find information about properties that developed during a previous era, before the egalitarian powers […]

Things You Should Not Do Before Purchasing a Home

Owning your own home is one of the great pleasures and privileges of the modern world. All too often potential home buyers make choices before they purchase a home that make the process more difficult, time consuming and expensive. When you decide that you are going to buy a home in the near future you […]