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Lenders Can Give You Leverage As A Buyer In These Ways

If you are independently wealthy or a lottery winner you probably buy a house with cash. For the rest of us, you can still buy a home to enjoy for the rest of your life. The most common way to do this is to work with a lender to pay for this major purchase over […]

13 Hacks To Lift Your Credit Score Before You Buy A Home

Buying your first home is an excellent decision. But you may want to improve your credit score now that you are putting the plan into action. When you apply for a loan, you will want to be in the best financial position to get a good deal. The one thing that will disrupt your efforts most […]

Back To Basics – What Goes Into A Mortgage Anyway?

Owning your home quite and accomplishment and one to which many people aspire. Most consumers have to do this by taking out a mortgage against the home they purchase. So let’s go back to basics to review what it is that makes a mortgage anyway. A Mortgage Contract Is A Matter Of Public Record A […]

When Would You Leave One Partner Off The Loan Application?

Spouses Go Solo They do say that two can live as cheaply as one and a marital partnership usually supports the case for homeownership.  However, occasionally one partner has a mark on their credit history that makes the exception to this rule. In such situations, it might be better to leave them off the loan […]

Sacrifice These 6 Bad Habits To Find Home Financing

Eighteen Months To A Down Payment It is amazing how much the typical consumer spends on convenience items that they can substitute with a little effort. If you set a goal of buying your first home, there is a good chance you can get there in the next eighteen months by making some changes like […]

The Mature First Time Buyer – It’s Never Too Late To Dream

There Is No Time Limit Home ownership is much more predominant in the older part of the population. That doesn’t mean that that there are no people out there who made it to the senior section without buying a home but who may still wish to do so. The dynamics are a little different that […]